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Love: Plan A Date-Night At Home

1/ Get the kids out

The only person asking for a bubble bath or more “juice” should be you. Get a sitter and get the kids OUT. Have her entertain in the backyard with a scavenger hunt & camp-out. Pop a tent, set them up with popcorn, movie, flashlights etc. Use the reliable babysitting app Urbansitter.com for finding the right childcare provider. The kid drop-off is a GENIUS alternative that’s caught on. Our local karate school has a sleep-over for kids over 6. Call your fave play-places & get their calendar like Studio LOL in Studio City or The Little Gym of Calabasas.


2/ Set the mood

I downloaded the free iHeart Radio App when I started doing their commercials. Make custom stations & keep them handy. For date-night may I suggest saving KOST Love Songs in your settings, or “Chill Factor 5 Radio” to start, and maybe “Stripper  Music- Sexy” for later in the evening? Oh just do it.


3/ Stock these drinks

Sangria is always the go-to for setting a romantic tone. Trader Joe's sells a decent blend in a shatter-proof bottle, or you can make your own. Try an authentic Spanish Sangria recipe that will put you both on the Mediterranean beaches of southern Spain & let your worries fade away.


4/ Dinner Do’s & Don’ts

Burnt dinner is not sexy. I can’t cook, so let’s call out. Rules: No garlic. Not too heavy. NO pizza. Grown-up food only. You can ask a meal-delivery service to make a special dinner for 2 with light-fare & dessert. I like Nutri-Fit. Or Chinese delivery. Eating noodles from the box always makes me feel like I'm in a movie. Stock a couple pints of refreshing sorbet in the freezer in case you need a sweet after-dinner treat.


5/ The perfect morning after

Take it easy. DON’T book a spin class or commit to being snack-mom at soccer practice today. Let the night breeeeeathe. Make sure to be stocked up on coffee pods & grab a ream of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. They take zero prep & make the whole house smell delish. Savor breakfast together, and your successful date-night in.